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500 Followers!!!! (My Stats went BOOM🥳)


This is crazyy. Wow

I actuallyyy reached 500 followersss!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

Okayyy. Whaaaaattt.😱😱😂And even better, for the first time in my life, not ONE, but 8 (EIGHT!!!) of my posts crossed 100 likes!!!!!!

Which I was absolutely sure wasn’t going to happen in a Zillion years.

😳😳 *tries to calm down*

*takes a deep breath*


Wait. First of all I’m going to stop pretending that the numbers aren’t a deal to me, because they SO bloody mean EVERYTHING to me right now.😇

I’m over the moon guys!! *waves from the moon*

Honestly, when I first started I was sure that reaching 100 followers was going to be a humongous deal. And then againn, after my 100 year hiatus, I thought getting about 10 people odd to notice me was hardly going to happen either😅

~Now 100+ likes on a post is making me faaainttt~

(Sorry for confusing you with the 10s and 100s😂✌)

And to think it has just been 2 months since I came back. And I distinctly remember havin 250 followers then, gaining 250+ followers in 2 months is super UNBELIEVABLE for me.

*sobs loudly* (tears of joy)

Thankkk youuuu everyonee❤

Thank you a million, bazillion for making this place wonderful. You made this happen.💕 Every comment and read means the world to me. And motivates me so much.

And every single time, you leave me surprised. Thank. You.

I keep saying “followers” but I think you’re all more of my friends than followers. So yesss. I’ve found 250+ new friends and acquaintances supporting me and my blog, in just 2 months!🥳🤗


A similar post has been in my drafts for about 3 weeks. I was extremely hesitant and apprehensive about posting it, and then I finally binned it. But well, now that we’re here, Imight as well let you in😂

On May 4 , WordPress went crazy. I’m being 100% honest here😂😨.

(Or maybe it’s not crazy to you, but it was definitely insane for me). Thank goodness I wrote it down.

MAY 5, 2020

BIG BIGG BEAR HUGSSS to everyone you guys! Let’s turn on the stereo lights, turn the volume UP and paaarttaaayy 🥳

Please don’t run away. I’ll try not to scare you next time😂.

*Sucks in a deep breath* Alright so I am still not sure about this post. Because ALL the work that went into this blog is 100% my own and very personal to me. So it’s really crazyyy for me to see all this happening in front of eyes.😲😂

First of all I got THREE of these appreciative notifications from WP on the same day🥳

And I didn’t take a screenshot, because I thought they’d stay, only they didn’t?!🤦‍♀️And I’ve got no idea how to get them back.

Is there a way? Let me know please!

This is the 4th one however 😊

It’s really crazy but I am 100% NOT exaggerating 😯. So I very distinctly remember, at 11:49 pm (11 minutes before the day ended) (ahaha look at my memory yesss)

So at 11:49 pm I opened my stats while I sincerely hoped that after all the traffic I had that day, I’d atleast broken my previous record of Day for Highest Views which happened almost a year before my break.

To my surprise I already had, and I was chuffed as anything. I wish I’d taken a screenshot before but that tally I guess 138 views on one day. (May not be much for most of you. But well. Big deal for me. Especially when I was taking my certificate exam that year.)😝😎

So I went to bed after that and the next morning, it said the total views for May 4 was 196??!!!

~So if I had to think about it, I had 58 views in 10 sweet minutes.

Mind. blown.

I’m completely sure this is wordpress fooling me. Haha.

Has to be.

Still not sure.

Does that make sense at all

I wish I hadn’t used my phone that day and then finally when I’d opened, the notifications would have gone wild.
And I’d have been surprised and extremely happy and over the moon and whatnot.😂🙌 But sadly I used my phone the whole day.🤷‍♀️

Well, it freaked me out. Just an hour off, and my phone would vibrate non-stop.😱

I mean. It was SO.OUT. OF. THE. BLUE.

Honestly, I didnt even post anything! This had to be THE highlight. Neither had I posted anything the day before that. (I think)

Those notifications look like a bomb to me right now. Something that might explode any time.

I really needed some Headspace after that😂

To all the people who visited my blog yesterday. Omg thank. You. May 4 was totally a record day for my blog. You really scared me with your love.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Ever.

Uhh… So yep!😁 Here’s a look at the stats!

(I was going to show the 196 views I got on May 4, but it says this👆🤯🥳)



That graph looks SO COOL. It’s like, every week I’ve been surpassing myself steadily. That feels awesome bruv 🙂💕

All of this, these numbers, they look like a dream in front of me. Something I’ve yearned for since Day 1.

So THANK YOU everybody. I really feel cheesy when it’s all I can say of at the moment. My gratitude towards you for supporting me and appreciating everything I did, is expressionless.

I’m Feeling Lucky. 🙂

P.S: The only thing about not having people in your real life, read your blog is that all the work that you do seems to feel… unnoticed in the end. And honestly, it isn’t even that. I haven’t ever done any celebratory posts of this kind on my blog before, but when my stats kept booming and my posts did SO well, I suddenly looked around and felt…lonely. I wanted to celebrate that, or at the least, tell someone. Well, maybe I will soon, or maybe not, but then did I get this idea of sharing my joy with the people who actually knew me best. And say THANK YOU to the people who made this possible.

Because, if not here, where else would I go? 🙂 P.P.S. SOrryy I plastered “2 months everywhere”. 😂

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Playing Never Have I Ever|| Blog Version!♦️

Hello everybody!!! How are you all?😁🙌 I know we’re all busy and trying to keep ourselves occupied, but where’s the fun without a little game!?

So let’s bring back a little of the excitement in our lives by playing this spicy game on my blog!!🥳🥳

Never Have I Ever – Blog Version!♣️

So here we have Rose, from Girl Online playing today. Welcome Rose!! *drumroll* It was super exciting to work with you!🤠🙋‍♀️ Looking forward to more collabs in the future🤗

NOTE!! I am playing the same game on her blog, and spilling a lot of tea!! Rush over here, to check that out!✌

Let’s get into the Game!

-Never have I ever stolen my siblings’ food/snacks

I Have. What can I say? I mean, haven’t we all done this?😂 When I was in prep-school (middle school), we had something known as class parties at the end of each term/semester and we would always come back with loads of snacks! I feel like it was a natural thing for my siblings and I to do to each other

-Never have I ever told on someone to a teacher

Well, I guess I Have. Right now I’m not someone you would call a ‘snitch’ but in my earlier years, you definitely would. But I have to say, I wouldn’t tell on someone unless they did something that I couldn’t handle on my own.

-Never have I ever pretended to be asleep when someone came inside the room

OMG Yesss! Have. This was my childhood. I mean I had to do this at least once a day. My family and I did it to each other actually. When I was younger, I lived in what you would call a full house. Usually before we fall asleep, we hang out with the girls of the house in one room (ahh, I miss those days). My mom usually joins us late but when she does come, my sisters and I HAVE to pretend to be asleep! Or in the mornings too!

-Never have I ever pretended to know something when I actually didn’t 😂

I think I Have, can’t really remember when though, but I definitely have. Distant memory…I was trying to get information out of someone by indirectly asking them while pretending I know.

-Never have I ever had a crush on a friend

I Have… but he started it😂 So he knew and ever since then, it got awkward for about 3 years but we became friends again after we landed in the same class in Year 4.

-Never have I ever prank-called someone on the telephone

I definitely Have! About 3 years ago, I went out of town with some friends and my roomies and I decided to prank call some people sleeping downstairs, but it was a fail as the person we tried to prank call had my friends number saved (they had like a thing going on..) We should’ve used my phone instead right?🤔

-Never have I ever pranked someone in real life

I Have. This 1st of April (April fools), My siblings and I tried to prank my dad by putting the broken TV screen effect on our living room TV, we didn’t really plan well so it kind of backfired🤷‍♀️

-Never have I ever lied that I was busy

I Have. Literally like 2 months ago😂 I can’t really remember what I was doing but I was texting with a friend while doing whatever it was and the conversation wasn’t really going anywhere (I was about to say no offence but I’m anonymous🤭) She asked, since I wasn’t replying as quick, whether I’m busy and thank heavens she did, but now I feel bad for saying I was when I wasn’t as busy.

-Never have I ever eaten a whole pizza by myself

I Have Never…wish I could though. The closest I’ve gotten to finishing a pizza is halfway through. I try guys 😂.

-Never have I ever snacked during a class/lesson

Story Of My Life…I definitely Have, at least once a day I think. I recently got moved to sit next to my bestfriend (she’s the queen of eating in class…literally has her lunch if she gets hungry) and it’s been crazier ever since…their fault though 🤷‍♀️

-Never have I ever texted during a class/ lesson

I Have Never. Mainly because I don’t have phone and even if I did, my school strictly prohibits electronic gadgets (although people manage to sneak some in sometimes)

-Never have I ever borrowed a book from the library and never returned it

I Have. You should see my bookshelf in fact, I barely own half of them….Well mostly because my siblings own the rest but there are quite a few unreturned books in there…OMG I’m a thief?🙅‍♀️

So that’s it everybody! Congratulations to Rose for her awesome game!! I mean, she literally answered NEVER for only about 2 Questions OMG!! LOL

Hope you enjoyed this post!

What are YOUR answers to some of these questions?? I would LOVE to hear about them in the comments below!

Thank you for joining us!

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Answering Your Questions About Moi!😇👐

Haaalo everybody!! Yeah so I’m back, with lotsa energyy yaay🥳🙌

Firstly THANK YOU for making this possible.🙌 I was terrified that I wasn’t going to get anyone to ask me anything but guess who was surprised😃😁💕

I also posted this on Twitter and asked people to DM their questions. It was shocking for me to get replies because Twitter basically ignores me 9/10😂🤷‍♀️

Anyway stories apart let’s JUMP IN!! *Drum rolls*


-How old are you?

Just turned 18 (yesss!)

-What’s your favorite movie genre?

Action or a good sci-fi.

(Some sci-fi movies are plainly pretentious and I hate them🤦‍♀️ Hence, good ones yeah!)

-What types of music do you like?

Ah Pop and Country!

-Besides pizza, what other foods do you like?

Aah lovee this question! I’m a big foodie so its difficult 😂 Either way, is chocolate cake a food?🥰🥰 And also chips?

Definitely crêpes with berry syrup and cream, however! This is a killer.

-Favorite dessert?

Chocolate sundaes, and cheesecake 🥰❤

-Cats or dogs?

Absolutely dogs!

-Action or romance?

Lots of Action!🖖🤘

-Favorite sport?

Track events (I know😅. Not the team-member kind)

-What do you think of my blog?

Something which is really interesting to read! I’ve never come across a martial art blog before but I’m a fan of Jackie chan so it was all very intriguing!


-Favorite weather?

Sunshine when it’s a little cold. Like during the edge of winter months, the sun shines and it’s so warm but not scorching hot. You get the deal.🤗


-Ideal meal?

A vegetarian one that activates my taste buds, complete with a dessert. (And eggs maybe? Eggs are just a cool part of any meal.🥰😋)

Life motto?

You have one chance, make it count.

-Favorite outfit?

Turtle necks with jeans or skinny pants.

-Opinion on pineapple and pizza?

With all due respect to pizza, this is definitely a big fat Noooo😐🤐🤐😂


-Did you cry when Severus Snape died?

Believe it or not, I actually bawled my eyes out when he died in the movie. It brought back lines from the book and uh it’s making me wanna cry now🥺

-Who would you say is the most influential youtuber?

Umm Lilly Singh? I only became a fan around last year, after reading her book How To Be A Bawse. She is SO inspiring, especially when you consider the fact that she’s a celebrity when most others are well,..just Youtubers. I’d love to watch her perform live.


-What is something you are a fan of, but you’re a little embarrassed to admit it?

How about the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton?😂

My friends give me “the look” when I tell them this but I think Secret Seven is the cringe-worthiest of all. And ik a lot of people fancy The Naughtiest Girl and I absolutelyy love those too but its Famous Five that I never admit 😂

Sorry Greg, if you’ve never read Blyton, but they made my childhood💕😁


-Favorite YouTube?

Emma Chamberlain, I guess.

-Favorite YouTube trend?

Day in my life videos?

-Favorite Emoji?

Currently 🤷‍♀️ and 🤨

I like raising eyebrows a lot. Who doesnt like a waggle?

Ana Regina X:

-What’s your most used emoji?

This 😂. Typical, yeah XD

-What’s a social media trend you’re not liking?

Stupid challenges🤦‍♀️ I especially hate the Fail Videos Challenge. I mean, honestly I know the guy’s going to fall off his chair like 2 minutes before the video even loads, and what the hell is even funny here please🙄🤷‍♀️

-What’s your favorite thing in your closet?

My dresses. I obviously don’t wear them very often since I have my school uniform, but they’re so amazing to look at, just hanging in there.🤗

And also my rack full of jeans!💁‍♀️

-What’s something you’ve never done and would love to do?


*runs away before people throw sticks*

I’m a more of a taster, sis😅🤷‍♀️


When was your first kiss?

How about, in 2022?

With the virus, never would be a better answer😂


Liquorice or Chocolate buttons?

Chocolate buttons!!🥰 10/10


-What your favourite childhood movie?

I think Lion King. I didnt watch a lot of movies when I was a kid🤷‍♀️

-What is your fear?

That I might be separated from my mum. 😦 Or make her unhappy.

-What was your embarrassing moment that happened during your primary schooling/ in your childhood?

Are you kidding me😂

There’s this one- I used to pretend that my parents were spies and they were just pretending to be doctors (which they really are) so that nobody discovers their identity.

I also had this story that I was the ruler of a secret world, and that I was in disguise as a schoolgirl😂.



-Have you had a crush on an animated character?

Absolutely 🤟😂 Right now its Nick Wilde, the fox in Zootopia.💕🤗

So that’s it guys!! Thank you for reading!

Hope you enjoyed it, because certainly loved every bit of it❤ What are your answers to some of these? Let me know what you think!!💕

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Mystery Blogger Award + a Q &A 🥳!! (Ask me Anything!)

Haaalo peeps! How are you all? So I’m up with another award! (Aaand I have 2 more pending, so bear with me please😂)

But there are so easy and fun to do! So yes, here we goo!

The Rules:

  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • Answer the 5 questions you were asked
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.

THANK YOU my sweetest Gayle for nominating me! Cheers to our loongg Twitter conversations, and to our 2+ years of friendship!! Love youuu💕❤

Do check her out! This tag was created by  Okoto Enigmas.

My Answers!

1.What could you give a 40min presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

Gender bias. This is something that REALLY manages to rouse me up. I read a lot about it, and I guess I can even say figures and facts correctly by now. 🤷

I fortunately haven’t personally faced it because 1) I’m still in school. 2) It’s an all-girls school😂 .But still I see it in most places and I really feel passionate about it.

2. What small gesture from a stranger made a big impact on you?

Actuallyy any help from a person who’s not a close friend (actually anyone at all) makes an impact on me because circumstances (I guess?) have tuned me to not expect anything from anyone.

So any kind gesture really surprises me. Sometimes people tend to think I overreact when I show my gratitude, but I’m an open book and my expressions are well, real. 🙂

3. How can you be a light in someones life this week?

Well *thinks aloud* maybe I could help my mum because she’s a workaholic and always makes me nervous with the way she works everyday. 😖 You have no idea.

Idk I’m out of ideas. Please give me some ideas in the comments 🤔

4.What are three words that describe you well?

Okay these questions should be technically banned.

How about dynamic, fierce and talkative?😂

5. If you could be invisible, what would you do?

Go shopping?😂

My Nominees!

Now for the exciting part!!

I am doing a Q & A  for the first time and would be absolutely super excited if you comment down your questions!

You can ask me anything and I’d answer them in the next post!

If you don’t want your questions to be public in the comments, feel free to DM me on Twitter! Can’t wait to hear from you X

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Moscow, Russia|| Travel Diaries 1#

Hello everybody!

Last summer I went with my family to Russia for a dance recital. It was honestly an immensely EXCITING period that I shall cherish forever.

I loveeedd it🥳

The whole city was absolutely pleasant and I’m positive the Russians are some of the friendliest people on earth.❤🥰

(Did I tell you that I’ve made Russian friends now🤩😎 *feels very proud*)

I really didn’t expect the whole city to be SO breathtakingly gorgeous. It truly took me by surprise, and I’m super lucky to have it as one of THE. BEST ever trips that I’ve been on. 🥳🥳

One of Stalin’s Seven Sisters

The historic Red Square

I wasn’t blogging at that point and neither did i mean to post any of the pictures. So all of them were just done on my phone. Which is probably why the picture is slightly tilted. But the beauty hasn’t come down at all, so that’s a happpyy thing. :))

Moscow, being the capital and the administrative centre of the largest country in the world, had a humongous number of office buildings and embassies. But it was lovely to look at them as well, because excuse me I could hardly fit the buildings into my phone screen. SO. HUGE.

This one represents Kazakhstan.
Who knew it would be so pretty.

Roadside Cafes


This was my FAVOURITE spot/ picture among ALL others. I couldn’t honestly move my eyes at all❤😍Kremlin Mall

Are luxury-malls even supposed to be boutique style pretty? 😲 I’ve only seen them look glossy with super high ceilings, digital screens, billboards etc. See those arches on the right? Those are the stores. I wish I could spend my dying day here.

So that’s it everybody! Hope you had a lovely time!!

I definitely did! It was SO fun for me to revisit everything and let my mind wander, especially since all it’s been seeing recently are the four walls of my bedroom. How fun.

Guess what? There’s more to come! *does jazz hands*

Did you like the pictures? Which one did you like best?!

Have you ever been to Russia? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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The Awesome Blogger Award! 🥳🥳

Hallo there! Sorry you guys for delaying up! (I know you never minded anyway😂 Still I’m going to pretend you all pined for me because you lovvveeee moi don’t youuu. 🤗❤)

NOTE : To all those who are wondering what’s up with the excessive letters, it’s around midnight so I’m being very  religiously energetic. Aah. *sighs* The life of a night owl.

I actually had a lot of posts in mind but this one is highly delayed, so I figured I might as well do it before people classify me as an ungrateful aunt Fanny😂 Thank you.

So without further ado,

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Credit the creator (Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala)
  • Answer the questions you were asked.
  • Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
  • Give them ten new questions to answer

So THANK YOU Jasmine for nominating me for the award. *gets emotional a bit*

It feels like ages since I did an Award  and even though I’ve delayed this (as usual) it means a whole bloody lot to me. Thank youuu.❤

You guys, check her out! She says she’s only been blogging for a while but I’m having a hard time believing her there because she’s SO SO good. She’s one of my current favourites and DON’T forget to check out her monthly bujos!)

Also thank you, award-creator Maggie! I haven’t checked you out yet but I’m sure you’re cool. (Your award has reached this far so yay!)


My Answers!


Favorite meal?

Yaaay *does a snoopy dance* a BIG hug to you, Jas for starting this with food!! 🤗🥳 (You. Rock.)

Picking out one meal might be hard, but I guess it’d be a cheese Pizza with mayo chips/fries. And probably a chocolate sundae alongside? Aaah❤❤

cheese crust delicious dough


What’s the first thing you notice about someone?

Mm, their demeanor? I think this plays a big role in deciding how much I warm up to them. 🙂 I don’t think its just one factor though.


What was your favorite game as a child?

Lol, Rummy? (If you consider a 11 year old as a child) I loveee card games!
I don’t really remember the games I played when I was 7 though. I guess it was mostly imaginary ones. 😂

(My friends and I would imagine ourselves to be part of a wild adventure and carry out imaginary tasks 😂)


What is a trend that you hate/hated?

The Instagram craze. I really hate it even now, especially since I’ve lost so many of my best friends because of it. I saw my ex best friend go from an A to an F on her papers because suddenly ALL she wanted was to become an “Instagram Queen

No offense to anyone! I know most of you use it to display your talents and stuff and trust me I loveee all your pages! They’re SO good. But where I live Instagram is a very judgemental place where you’re judged based on your body and the way you flirt.

If you don’t have skinny legs they’ll roast you alive ITS SO SCARY.

I’m not saying this because I’m fat or anything lol.😂😂 But really, they’ll judge however you look. 


What makes you feel accomplished?

Ahh lots of things. To dilute it, getting my own way and reaching the checkpoints I keep for myself. It’s such a hugely satisfying thing. 🤗

white and black weekly planner on gray surface


How is quarantine going? or how did it go if we ever get out of it?

I know it’s hard for many people out there, but personally I’m loving this break. I owe it to my mum and dad ofcourse for giving me such a protected environment. But I’m cherishing this break because I’ve got to try out SO many different things, I never thought I’d have the time to, anymore.

For instance, I’ve never been this regular on my blog before. :))


What is the highlight or most anticipated thing during your year?

My year? Does that mean this year, as in 2020? If yes, then there are a LOT of things so that’ll have to go into a seperate post.

But for one thing, I turned 18 this March YESSS🥳🥳 . So that will speak for the rest I guess.😁

What is the outfit your wearing right now and on a scale of 1-10 how do you rate it?


Noo😂 Unlike most people, I never do OOTD and stuff like that. But well thankfully right now I’m not in my pajamas.

Okay *sucks a deep breath and tries to be honest*I’m wearing cargo pants and a pale blue top.

Something like this, with a lighter top PC. Pinterest 🙂


How many unread emails do you have right now?

I’ve stopped counting them😂 Its always a 99+ on the notifications😂✌


If animals could talk, what animal would be the most annoying?

Um, a horse? I know it’s fun to ride and all that, but I somehow get the feeling thay they aren’t our loyal pets. I certainly wouldn’t like to have my horse trashing me nonstop.😅

But idk! Do you think horses are loyal?🤔

So that’s it!!


My Nominations!

You! (Whoever is reading ofcourse!)


My Questions for You!


  1. Have you ever wished that you were born into your opposite sex? Say, you being a girl, have you wished you were a boy?
  2. What category of movies do you watch the most?
  3. Would you rather be very rich or have lots of friends?
  4. How do you take someone else taking a peek at your blog drafts, say your parents?
  5. Do you prefer eBooks or would you rather read nothing ?
  6. A favourite bath product? How about a favourite shower gel?
  7. Do you get a lot of dreams?
  8. When was the last time you went to bed early and actually slept?

SO that’s it peeps! Hope you enjoyed this.

Also do you think horses are loyal?

I really have a hard time trying to understand what they might be thinking.
Have you had a birthday recently? Tell me all about it!!



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How To Get The Flurriest Lashes Using Mascara

Applying mascara seems self-explanatory, doesn’t it? Just open the tube, swipe it on, and move on with your life. But well, good work is one which betrays no effort. Translation: Your eyelashes must look like naturals.


Although there are many ways to get your lashes done, a slick of mascara is the best way to create a fluttering fringe to your eyes- especially if you have light coloured hair and your lashes are harder to notice.

The most common mascaras come with a wand with a spiral brush at the end and this makes them quick and easy to use. Some contain fibres to add extra thickness and length to your lashes.

For a girl on the go I’d really say waterproof mascara is the best choice . Most Youtubers and websites have concluded upon this as the golden hack to long lasting curly lashes!

It withstands tears, showers and swimming. And it really holds the curls longer. Call it a hairspray for eyelashes🙂

But if you’re getting yourself a waterproof make is necessary to get a make up remover as well to remove it. Moisturising eye-makeup removers work magic in removing waterproof mascara, which clings to your lashes more than ordinary ones.

The Steps:

1.The curler is optional in most cases. But it does serve its purpose. I would really not advice heating the curlers. It hardly adds a big difference plus it can damage the hair. So use it plain and most importantly curl the entire length of the lashes. Don’t just clamp on one spot and move on.

Top TIP!

Always use the curler, BEFORE the mascara! Even though it feels like you might accidentally ruffle them later on, curling your lashes after mascara can make your lashes stick to the curlers and even pull them out. Ouch.

2. Start by applying mascara to your UPPER lashes first. Brush them downwards to begin with then brush the lashes upwards from underneath. Use a tiny zig zag movement from side to side to prevent the mascara turning to lumps on your lashes.

(This happens to me often and like an uncivilized monkey I try to remove the lumps with my hands and well, it gets messy😂 lol)

3. Comb through your lashes with a lash comb. Doing this removes the accidental lumps of mascara and also adds length to your lashes.

4. With the TIP of the mascara ward brush your lower lashes, using a gentle side to side technique. I don’t have thick lower lashes so it’s for me to get them smudged. So using the tip of the wand to wriggle through, is the hack here!

The upward movement

Top TIP!

Instead of just coating the hairs with the mascara, press the wand against the root of your eyelashes, and blink as you wiggle the brush through the hairs.

The force of your lashes blinking against the spoolie will allow them to pick up even more product, which means evenly coated lashes for you

5. For a more natural effect, stick with one coat. For bigger, thicker, more dramatic lashes, layer on two or more coats.

A cool trick to making sure they don’t look too clumpy or spidery?

Switch up your mascara formula with each layer!

A featured YouTuber (I really forgot the name, sorry) first uses a thinner formula with a curved brush to separate and define her lashes, then a thicker formula with a fuller brush to add volume and length.

6. If you really want your eye lashes to be flurry, REPEAT the whole process. But remember to let the previous layer of coating dry first! Sometimes in a hurry I tend to overlook this fact, but believe me waiting those few seconds, really is worth the deal. It gives a clean look. 🙂

So that’s it!! Voila!! You can glam up with a little but of eye makeup if you’d like, or just let the lashes speak for themselves.

I haven’t suggested any brands specifically because tbh, it all just looks black to me, so I just stick to one brand that works well for me. So personally I always use Maybelline Volum Express Mascara. They offer hundreds of varieties and all the reviews I’ve read say they’re really good.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

What mascara do you use? Are your lashes long by birth? Mine are😂🙂 so I feel lucky there.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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13 Excerpts That Shout “John Green is Magic💫” ||Bookish♡||

Have you ever wondered how a person could intricately talk so much about everything in this world, and make it sound so freakishly flawed and imperfect, but yet insanely beautiful?

This man is someone who lights a spark inside every reader and says “You think you’ve explored every idea out there, but there’s a bigger madness inside you. Something that no one would have ever dreamed of.”

That’s by Augustus Waters, in The Fault In Our Stars. He explains that even though his life was not a long one, it was still its own infinity.

That’s from Margo Roth Spiegelman, Paper Towns. (I know. As if you didn’t already know that. Who doesn’t know Margo?)

That insane creature. I love her, maybe not all her ideas, but she is fascinating. And just too brave. 🙂

And every time I read this- and imagine it coming from the mouth of an 18 year old, with whom I feel I can resonate like never before, I lose it all over again.

In a good way.💫 :))

They muse together, looking at the eerie city beneath, glowing in the night-lights.

And now on a side note….Well maybe, I don’t agree with all of John Green’s characters sometimes.I don’t think smoking and experiencing smut are pleasurable things worth experiencing in life. Or that running away from your home is something fun.

I’m more on Quentin’s side. “Call that a character flaw, but for me its congenital”.

That’s again why John Green rocks to the sky. He actually understands people. 🙂

We travelled through The Fault In Our Stars and ended up melancholic, even thinking about how beautiful pain could be. And I don’t even know if that’s rationality.

It’s always his metaphors. And his theories. Hell, I adore them. His string of words that stretch across a single line, but convey a meaning that’s nine fathoms deep.
Now that’s something worth reading.

And then the 3 BEST ONES OF ALL, square in the middle. It is enchanting. (Well, they’re rectangle..ish?😅)

I really thought Looking for Alaska was a dumb book initially. SO. NOT 🙂

Then there’s this book! That’s Turtles All The Way Down.

This book’s synopsis tore me up a bit. And I thought I should never read it even if I get the book in my hands.
But I guess when it comes to John Green, the name speaks for the whole book and you should read it anyway. Because?

Well, its John Green. :))

Let It Snow, John Green

I love this quote the best of all in Let It Snow. I always look for the happy ending. Don’t we all, anyway? But I suppose happy middles are worth it too, because when you look back, that’s all you have.

THEY SO DO. THEY SO SO DO. Sometimes fiction speaks volumes about our messed up reality. And maybe that’s why we love it so much.

The final one. The point where you realise that sweet Augustus is actually no more.
That his letter to Van Houten was the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read in your life. And something grips your heart way too hard, as everything sinks in.
After which the tears flows freely.

Well, mine did anyway. Yours will, after you get into the book/movie The Fault in Our Stars. ⚡

That’s once again John Green.

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A Day in a My Life during Lockdown |2020

Hiya there everyone! How have you all been?

I can’t say I’ve been having much of a blogging life recently, but in real life, I’m really living hard! 🥳

The number of things I come up with, for doing on an everyday basis sometimes amazes me. I mean, honestly, why at all would you be bored?

Also, this is just a part of it all. I could even come up with 10 more new things to do this instant and where would we be then? 🤗


Trust me, this beats everything. It’s one thing that actually gives any purpose to my day.

I haven’t been able to do much for the past 2 days for some reason, but surprisingly I started missing my jogging and burpees. And if you keep to it, you’d be really surprised how much stronger and fitter you end up after a while. And its mentally refreshing too, sometimes.


Okay I’m not even going to try explaining this one because ITS FOOD YAYYY. The title says it all. What more do you want?😂

I’m a hugeee foodie. Its probably, one of the only sources of constant cheer in my life. And my mother sometimes kills me with the things she makes.🤤🥰

Here’s my mum’s Homemade Thai Noodles!🤤🤤🥰

WORD OF ADVICE : Don’t barge into any junkies at this point (I’m restraining myself too, yes😂) because since we aren’t exerting ourselves much these days, your weighing machine could SHOOT UP, by the end of this lockdown.Oops.

But you can indeed give in to the delicacies now and then (How else would we survive?!). Maybe you can combine your munchies along with your main food, so it can take up only some of your dinner space, instead of demanding an entire tummy? That’s just an idea.

The Classic ALL TIME FAVOURITE❤🥰 Fish, Chips, Beans and Eggs.

NOTHING beats this one mates!😁 I’m dead crazy on the baked beans. Right now, it’s all I could do with. ✌


This one’s technically for me. I don’t know how many of you relate to this one. If you haven’t got anything to revise, assignments or maybe even office work to do, then just get lost please.😂

A MUST-INCLUDE on my To-Do Lost because I’ve been procrastinating big time. Sad.


I haven’t been the Gamer for the last 2-3 years or so, but I must say I’m getting back on! And some games NEVER. Go. Out of. Style.😉

I used to play HayDay religiously, but that was again, a couple of years ago. I’ve played these games throughout my life- Bakery Story, Clash of Clans ( I have a brother at home😂), Subway Surfers, Unblock Me, Fashion Story, Dark Echo and oohh Doors and Rooms!! There’s just SO many. Infact I just found out a new one yesterday😂

Currently I’m playing UNO, and Poker and they’re terrific!

Please comment your UNO ID if you’d like to join me there!!


Don’t even ask me about this one. I’m going PLAIN MAAADD without having a book to read. Ebooks simply Dont. Make. The. Cut.

I’ve got a humongous bookshelf in which almost every book has been read an excess number of times. That I can probably narrate the whole thing in order, just by looking at the book title.

I only have money on sites like Amazon and maybe a little on OnBuy, but I guess book delivery services are closed for my area currently.

So. Tough luck.

Therefore. If you’ve got a book that you haven’t already read so many times, consider yourself lucky, find a corner and jump right in! 😉


What with shops and services being mostly closed, DIYs are almost the need of the hour. I really wish I knew how to make my own sanitizer or something 😂 But they’re so engaging, and if you’re really desperate to get out and wander a bit, try wandering around your own house first! You never know what you might find!


I found my mum and dad’s old photo albums, and I’m collecting my supplies to make it as a personalized scrap book for them! So, what with most people feeling down these days, little presents can lighten up their lives.

And trust me, a Gift of Kindness is all you need. Inside it may not be a masterpiece. But something that shows that, despite all, you care. 🙂


This is also one of the most interesting parts of my day. I’m currently learning German and I really can’t believe how much I enjoy it!

New languages hasn’t ever been my thing. And although I catch a few languages here and there, I’m not really proficient in any of them. But German so far has been really fun!

If you’re thinking of learning German too comment below! Learning is always FUN with a friend!


This one is never on my To-Do List but somehow it’s one thing I end up doing the most😂 I never chat usually. I just send the occasional texts incase I need something. But now I’m being super active on WhatsApp.

I’m trying to cut back, okay?

But this was supposed to a day in my life which most certainly has a lot of socialising✌😛

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! Do you do any of these things too, on a regular day in your life?

Let me know what you think! Also, tell me of you’d like to join me in learning German, in the comments below!



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It’s About A Boy|| A Passing Friendship…Or Maybe More

I’m writing this here even though I know I wont be posting it anytime soon. Not for months, anyway. Or maybe, never.

Anyway, that’s largely beside the point now, isn’t it? The person I’m going to talk about is probably not never going to read this. But I think I should talk about this. And it had to be here, because there’s no where else I’d actually be giving so much of intensified feelings.

Not even to my friends, who are by the way, drifting apart to places I know not where. They don’t know themselves. There’s a general isolation occuring recently. But anyway, that’s again me going off track. I’m glad a few people I care about, are still intact by my side.


This is about a boy.

I don’t know when it all started. It’s just a big haze when it comes down to that point of time. Over the months I’ve tried to convince myself with a series of events that must have most likely happened.

Even then they’re all only bits of incidents. Flashes of memories strung on a faint thread. And the brightest among them seem to be his eyes. Flying around the room because I caught them staring at me.

No I’m not in love. I can’t be. My heart doesn’t race when he’s there. There are no butterflies. But somehow, by some unfathomable way, without me realising when or how, I have been obsessing about him.

Obsessing in a very weird way, that’s not even romantic. I wanted to be his friend. I wanted to talk to him, and be close to him. There comes a bad day, and I think about him, look to him for comfort, as though he’s the solution to all my problems.

I want to hug him too, but as a friend and someone close to him. Not as ‘one of his girlfriends’.

I remember myself being oblivious about him for a very long time. That’s how it had always been. And suddenly, we were there, with our eyes constantly on each other.

So Where did it start?

He started it I guess. Or I may have lead him to it, without realisation. Either way, all I remember is how on a sudden fine day, he was looking at me in gaps of 2 seconds, trying not to catch my eye.

It was honestly funny. I was taken aback by this weird happening, which in fact continued. I hadn’t noticed him enough then, so it was weird to see some random person doing that to me.

I was bored. And as days rolled by, I started reciprocating his subtle actions. Not because I was trying to flirt. Honestly. It had somehow gotten into me, that it was alright to have someone crushing on me, though I didn’t feel the same way back.

I’ve had a couple of crushes before and they were dismal failures. One even lasted for about 2 years, before I had to give up. *rolls eyes*.

So I lead him to it. It feels now like I was punishing him for something he didn’t do. But nevertheless, I just didn’t discourage him, when I should have. And he seemed like a nice person, and things didn’t seem very intense to be alarmed about. So everything seemed fine.

Or so I thought.

Until things backfired, like I never thought they would.

Without me realising, I was flirting back. And the next, I was thinking of ways to talk to him. And the next, I spent hours thinking about him.

No. No. No. No.

But yes. It happened. I know I shouldn’t have done that. I’m not even sure if he is crushing on me, or if he ever was. But all I know is, I should have backed off, when I knew I wasn’t interested.

So the next couple of months rolled by, with both of flirting subtly. And even at that point of time, my heart never raced when I was near him. I wasn’t nervous. I’m happy I wasn’t, but that should have made things, easier, right?

Nope. They didnt. I honestly can’t understand why I’m still into him, even after months. Or why I’m even writing a post about a person who’s no longer in my life.

But I guess physical presence never really matters the most. It’s just the way I felt during that period that makes me want to cherish it. It was a first.

I remember planning day after day to try to talk to him. And then suddenly we were there. His eyes looked intimidated, when they stared at me. And I loved it. It gave me confidence, and made me feel somehow higher. And I loved it.

We then went in full on, laughing and walking together. Suddenly whipping my head around and realising that I was standing too close. Subtling leaning on to each other and brushing against him, while I pretended it meant nothing to me. I ruled his attention

It all looks like a fantasy now. But I only wish it was. It’s all a haze. But I know none of it is imagined.

Anyway, it ended as abruptly as it started. There wasn’t any reason.

I don’t know at which point I realised it was over. And how one fine day, I realised that I hadn’t thought about him for a while, at all.

Maybe, I think it’s because I didn’t feel anything, for me to remember it all too well. We just drifted apart. There were always other things in our lives- more important ones. We were in our final years of schooling, a place around which both our worlds revolved ever since we can remember.

And there was work to do. In that hustle, we let go of each other’s hands, and time came in between to fill the gap. By the time I realised anything at all, I’d forgotten most of it.

I dont think I miss it. Or him., and his eyes on me. Never moving away while we talk. There are images in the back of my head that I just occasionally think about. Maybe it was never meant to happen, or it was nothing at all- just a passing friendship.

But it has given me insight. I think if I should ever want a relationship in life and should it end, this is exactly how I want it. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was really chill and not at all toxic.

I’m honestly not the one for emotions. It’s one reason I love action movies and hate romantic and philosophical ones. To an extent you can’t imagine.

Most people consider life to be a complicated mess with too many emotions, but for me there’s just two – laughter and thrill for the happy and exciting times, and a big eye-roll, irritation which is then followed by determination to rise higher. It’s simple, see?

The insight that he gave me has lighted a possibility that there needn’t be reasons, and still, uncomplicated and unexplained friendships are way possible in this world. That even when you move away, you can still be happy and cherish it for what it was.

It may not be much, but it was still something in my life 😺 🙂

I wrote this way before the crisis. And never intended to post it. I’m still apprehensive. But looking at it now, it has spent a lot of time in my draft box. And it reminds me, that my blog is for myself first. 🙂